On the subject of Arcana…

The “Fountain” half of Forge and Fountain, namely me…Holly, is about to release the 3rd edition of A Curious Oracle!

Fans of our jewelry work may not know that I am also a fine artist and illustrator. I wear many hats as an artist: jewelry, drawing, painting, photography, writing, graphic design…and you guessed it, I also wear the webmistress and social media maven hats as well if you consider those modern arts. In 2012 I self-published my first tarot deck (The Incidental Tarot) and followed it up with A Curious Oracle in 2015.

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-12-30-18-pmIn case you haven’t seen it yet, A Curious Oracle is a collection of beautiful symbolic images, akin to the Tarot but with a very different structure and layers of meaning, printed on lush matte cardstock and packaged with care. The first two editions of the deck sold out by April of this year, so after many more calls to print a 3rd edition, I’ve done just that! I’m currently busy assembling the printed Oracles with their packaging and key inserts, but will be fulfilling the pre-orders shortly–then adding them to my Etsy shop in time for the holidays!

I am still taking pre-orders if you missed out on the first or second editions! Since they’ve sold out pretty quickly I’d humbly suggest not waiting if you are interested in getting the Oracle. You can still pre-order the decks here.

IMG_4589If you’re wondering how my fine art experience influences our jewelry work, you can see a little hint of it in these tarot-themed necklaces we created this year. My favorite part of jewelry design is the craft of Lost Wax Carving/Casting. For these necklaces, I carved the original crown, arrow, rose, feather, and oak leaf by hand out of hard wax, then we had molds made of them and cast them in Argentium. We then take these castings and incorporate them into our hand forged and fabricated jewelry. The crowns have so far been made into necklaces, earrings, and even cuff links!

I’m hoping to do more and more of these unique hand carved elements for our jewelry in the coming months…and we’ll definitely be sharing pictures of the process all the way from the wax carving through to the finished jewelry! In the meanwhile you can always see what we’re working on in the studio by following us on Instagram.


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