Strophalos Pendant in Bronze


The Strophalos, also known as Hekate’s Wheel is an ancient symbol sacred to the goddess Hekate. The strophalos was thought to be an instrument of magic, a spinning wheel used to animate spells, practice divination, and strengthen the devotion of the bearer.

As a devotée of Hekate, I created this pendant to connect with her energy, to use as a focal point for meditation, and to assist in magical work done in Her name.

The pendant was originally hand carved in wax, then cast in an alloy called ancient bronze. The color of bronze will deepen with time and wear, turning a rich coppery brown, but its sparkle and shine can be brought out with a polishing cloth for jewelry.

The pendant measures about 1.25" in diameter and comes on an 18" Argentium chain with a hand forged hook and ring clasp.