Athena Nike Cameo Pendant in Argentium


Athena Nike is an incarnation of Athena as goddess of Victory. Though Nike is a goddess in her own right, she was often conflated with Athena or simply identified as an aspect of the goddess of Wisdom and War. Nike was a popular subject in 19th century cameos, often appearing in full figure, carrying a palm branch, wreath, or Hermes’ staff as the messenger of victory.  Known for her speed, strength and agility, the goddess of victory was venerated both in war and peaceful competition. She was often looked to as an intermediary between the Gods and humans, especially when petitioning for victory in conflicts, both personal and political.

In bust cameos, Athena Nike is recognized by the feathers as symbolic wings on her head. This silver cameo was adapted from a family heirloom, lovingly passed down for three generations. The original cameo was carved in shell, and one edge had been chipped many years ago. We refurbished the chipped edge with wax, then had the cameo molded and cast in Argentium silver. Argentium is brighter and more lustrous than traditional sterling, and it’s also hypo-allergenic and tarnish resistant.

Athena Nike can be called upon in modern times whenever one is facing a struggle or personal battle. Wear this cameo of the goddess of Wisdom and Victory to remind you that you are never alone and the gods may yet favor you to win.

The pendant measures about 1.25" long and comes with an 18" Argentium chain with a hand forged hook and ring clasp.