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Gold Sheen Obsidian Pendant

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This unique pendant features a velvety, mesmerizing centerpiece of gold sheen Obsidian. 

The pendant is hand forged and bordered with a classical twist resembling the ancient Viking ships called "drakar," or dragon, with scrolled loops and hooks in place of fanciful dragon figureheads. The finished necklace is 18" long and forged in Argentium silver, a tarnish-resistant sterling silver that is 100% recycled.

The drakar motif is one of our signature pendant designs, inspired by the arts and mythos of ages past.

About Obsidian

The mirrorlike sheen of Obsidian illustrates its power to reflect both the good and the bad of any situation. Obsidian is said to reveal flaws, weakness, and blockages, dispelling illusion and revealing truth. A powerful protection stone, Obsidian forms a shield around negativity, grounds and strengthens in times of need, and brings clarity to one's path. Gold sheen obisidian balances energy fields and assists in determining spiritual direction.

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