Spring Dew Peridot Trefoil Pendant


This delicate, dewey green trefoil pendant features a 6mm champagne-colored Savannah Sunstone™ and three 4mm peridots in 18K bezels.* Reminiscent of the first flush of spring greenery, this pendant is hand forged from Argentium, a tarnish resistant form of sterling silver that is 100% recycled, and accented with granules of 18K Fairmined gold. The pendant is suspended on 18" of our Argentium rope chain, finished with a hand forged S-hook and 1" of adjustable eye rings.

The trefoil is an ancient motif, most commonly recognized in the Gothic architecture of medieval cathedrals. We fell in love with it as an expression of the threefold nature of the world: land, sea and sky, the triple goddess, and the holy Trinity. The triple-lobed trefoil is an archetype that evokes balance, interconnection, and harmony.

* Our American Mined™ Savannah Sunstone has a completely traceable pedigree from from mine to market. In tune with the culture of ethical practices and sustainable sourcing, our goal by 2025 is to feature 100% traceable gemstones that provide robust economic foundations for the communities in which they are mined and cut. 

About Peridot

Peridot is the birthstone of August. The peridot was believed to be a stone of renewal, rebirth, and springtime by ancients who considered it a gift from Mother Nature. Peridot is a heart-centered stone of compassion, lightness and beauty; its energy enhances the healing and harmony of relationships of all kinds, and particularly marriage. Peridot's friendly energy also encourages confidence and assertiveness. 

About Sunstone

Embodying the radiance and fire of the sun, sunstone's vibration opens the heart, fosters benevolence and warmth, strengthens resolve and heightens focus and action. Sunstone is also said to be a stone of leadership, personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. 



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