Mandrake Silver Pendant


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The legendary mandrake root has been steeped in the folklore of Europe for thousands of years. Belonging to the genus Mandragora(family Solanaceae, or Nightshades), the plants exhibit an unusually anthropomorphic root—that is to say, human shaped—which has inspired countless charms, superstitions, magical and medicinal uses over the centuries. In ancient times it was used as a hypnotic and even as an anaesthetic for surgery. The hallucinogenic properties of the root are also reputed to be a key ingredient in witches’ flying ointments, as well as numerous medieval magical potions and brews.In modern herbalism the leaves and root of Mandragora are classified as poison due to their highly biologically active tropane alkaloids, though there is a growing movement to study and work with these plants, as well as others of the potent and powerful Nightshade family. 

But that is just the most cursory of introductions to this amazing herb.

Mandrake is a powerful plant spirit and ally, but it is also dangerous. Walking the “poison path” is not for everyone. Respect its magic and medicine; remember its power. Attune with the spirit of Mandragora safely with this lovingly crafted mandrake root effigy. 

This charm was carved and detailed by hand in wax, then cast in small batches of Argentium silver. The charm is fully formed, showing a different view of root and leaf from the front to the back, and measures approximately 1-½” long. The charm hangs freely from an Argentium chain and is finished with our signature hand forged S-hook + ring closure.

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