Ocean Goddess Necklace


This ethereal necklace calls up the majestic beauty of the ocean's waves under the shimmering light of the stars. Blue lace agate is the centerpiece of this statement necklace, adorned with a delicate rainbow moonstone teardrop. Inspired by the sacred goddesses of the ocean including Amphitrite, the Nereides, Thalassa, Aphrodite, Salacia, Isis, Mazu, Yemoja, Mami Wata, Nehalennia, and Stella Maris.

This beautiful necklace is hand forged in Argentium, a tarnish-resistant form of sterling silver that is 100% recycled. The blue lace agate measures about 2" wide and the finished length of the necklace is 18" with 1" of adjustable silver rope chain.

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