Highland Stag with Pietersite


Majestic and bold, our signature stag head necklace features a mysterious, black and blue Pietersite with deep golden flecks. 

The Highland Stag necklace is hand forged in Argentium, a tarnish-resistant form of sterling silver that happens to be 100% recycled. The stag head measures approximately 2-1/2" from antler to antler, and another 2-1/2" from antler to muzzle. Finished necklace length is 18" with 1" of adjustable silver rope chain.

About Pietersite

Pietersite is a relatively new stone in the history of humanity's love affair with gems and minerals. Like its dramatic appearance, the stone's energy is highly charged and activating. Just as lightning clears the air and makes all things new, Pietersite discharges negative energies and emotional turmoil, cleansing the aura and restoring it to calm. It is also said to be a stone of vision, fostering connection to higher realms of consciousness. Waking to truth and dispelling illusion are associated with this stone, and it is thought to be strengthening and protective during times of growth and change.

C - Conventional Market

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