Verdant Trefoil Pendant


This trefoil pendant features a sumptuous Chrome Diopside, a rare gemstone whose lush green is comparable to tourmaline, Tsavorite garnet, and emerald. The pendant is hand forged from Argentium and accented with granules of 18K Fairmined gold. Finished length is 18" with 1" of adjustable chain.

The trefoil is an ancient motif, most commonly recognized in the Gothic architecture of medieval cathedrals. We fell in love with it as an expression of the threefold nature of the world: land, sea and sky, the triple goddess, and the holy Trinity. The triple-lobed trefoil is an archetype that evokes balance, interconnection, and harmony.

About Chrome Diopside

Like many other beautiful green-hued crystals, Chrome Diopside aligns with the heart chakra.  It is thought to be a stone of creativity, vision, and enhanced awareness, and also thought to be able to improve intellect and increase the desire to learn. As a heart stone, chrome diopside can help dissolve stubbornness and hostility, in turn encouraging love and commitment. 

Unlike other popular green gemstones, Chrome Diopside is a somewhat delicate stone, much softer than Tourmaline or emerald. It should be treated gently, and removed before engaging in heavy sports or vigorous activity.


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