Via Carmen Pythia Set of 4 Tools




Passage 1: To Know

Pair of Serpent Bracelets: Silver $300/pair, Bronze: $220/pair

These bracelets are my original design. The bangle itself is heavy gauge silver wire which is hammer-forged into shape and fitted into the serpent finial. The serpent itself was first carved in wax by my hand, then cast in silver and bronze. It is connected to the bangle with tiny decorative cuffs, and given an antiqued finish to enhance the details.

Passage 2: To Will

Owl in Flight Necklace: $125

This necklace is also an original design for this Pythia sisterhood. The model was fabricated from 3 hand-sawed layers of silver fused together, then molded and cast in silver. Hanging from the owl’s talon will be a small disk stamped with our Pythia sigil. This necklace is designed to be worn at around 18” in length, but can be shortened or lengthened to your specifications. Chains longer than 22” will require an additional fee.

Passage 3: To Dare

Hand forged Candle Scribe: $35

Forged in Copper, the candle scribe is the workhorse of our tools. Heavy gauge wire is forged and twisted into a sharp point and finished with a decorative spiral or curling vine top. These will be individually made according to my intuition. Each will be about 6” long.

Passage 4: To Keep Silent

Serpent Footed Gazing Bowl: $150

Modeled after the scrying bowls used by the famed Sibyls of Delphi, this hammer forged-bowl in copper has three curled serpents for feet and is finished with a blackened patina to facilitate scrying. Yeshe and I worked together to create this piece designed to be held in the hand while divining, or to rest on your altar for water offerings. The bowl measures about 5” in diameter and 2.5” high.