Mano Figa Pendant in Argentium

$150.00 $185.00

The Mano Figa (fig hand, properly, ‘mano fica’) is an ancient fertility symbol, with variations spanning thousands of years across cultures. An ancient representation of sexual union, it’s commonly considered an “obscene” gesture and is used most frequently as a slang reference to female genitalia. The name derives from the Italian word for the female vulva, fica, meaning fig.

The fig was associated by the Romans with female fertility and eroticism; the fruit was sacred to Bacchus. In ancient times it was worn as an incantation to The Goddess, a call for fertility, virility and times of celebration. They were traditionally made of silver or blood coral, sacred elements for Luna, the goddess of the moon and Venus, the goddess of the sea.

Over time the symbol spread to the new world (largely in South America) with Christianity, where it’s been produced for centuries as a charm against evil and misfortune. It was believed that the obscenity of the gesture would distract Satan from his quest to conquer the soul.

Our Mano Figa is an embodiment of the Goddess and her many charms. Wear it as a talisman for Love, Fertility, Creativity and of course, to avert the Evil Eye in all its forms.

This pendant was originally hand carved in wax in two parts: the arm and the cuff. This allows for it to be cast in different metals, then assembled into a two tone pendant. This pendant is cast in all Argentium silver. Argentium is brighter and more lustrous than traditional sterling, and it’s also hypo-allergenic and tarnish resistant.

The pendant comes with an 18" Argentium chain with a hand forged hook and ring clasp.