Diamond Stardust Cabochon Tile Ring: Size 8

$885.00 $1,175.00

A unique companion to our signature Stardust band, this ring features a sparkling 2mm Canadian diamond bezel set in a dramatic Gibeon meteorite cabochon. The ring is hand fabricated in lustrous Argentium Silver, giving a crisp frame to the Widmanstätten pattern of the meteorite ore. 

The cabochon measures approximately 15mm x 17mm and 3mm thick, a striking and substantial centerpiece! It rests atop our standard comfort fit band, measuring 3-3.5mm wide and rounded on the inside.

This one of a kind ring is a size 8, and ready to ship out to you in an elegant linen covered ring box.

About Gibeon Meteorite

Gibeon meteorites come from broken asteroid fragments or possibly an exploded star, and radiometric dating places their age at around 4 billion years old. First discovered in 1836 in Great Namaqualand, Namibia, these meteorites are composed of iron, nickel and small amounts of cobalt and are classified as a fine octahedrite iron meteorite. The unique patterns are the result of cooling in outer space over billions of years and are known as Widmanstatten lines. Energetically, meteorites of all kinds are considered a gift from another world. Many cultures consider the Meteorite sacred, to have supernatural powers, and to aid in shamanic practices and connection to the world of Spirit. 

MM - Mine to Market (variable country of origin, completely traceable from mine to wholesaler)
C - Conventional Market