Citrine & Sunshine

One of the funniest things about being an artist is that you just can’t predict which of your pieces or styles is going to be popular. So often I’ve struggled with a piece intensely and been on the verge of trashing it, only to find it is the very first thing that sells at the next show.

Which brings me to the humble Citrine.


A sunny and cheerful but otherwise unassuming form of quartz: citrine, to our surprise, has turned out to be our Etsy shop’s best-selling gemstone. It gets more hits as a search term and has been favorited more than any other item in the shop…but why? Well, why not? Its warm energy resonates with so many other things that I love…lemons, marmalade, roses, honey, scotch! It’s a great stone to associate with warmth, nourishment, and harvest. So here’s a little trivia for you on this sunny, sweet little stone.

Citrine ranges in color from pale yellow to a deep orange or russet, with variations in greenish or brownish gold. Our favorite to work with is Golden Citrine, a deep yellow-gold, reminiscent of a ripe Meyer lemon. GIA, the Gemological Institute of America says: “Citrine’s attractive color, plus the durability and affordability it shares with most other quartzes, makes it the top-selling yellow-to-orange gem.” It also happens to be one of the two main birthstones for the month of November (Scorpio & Sagittarius), along with traditional Topaz. But maybe the appeal is more for its metaphysical properties.

Citrine LunulaCitrine’s golden glow also resonates astrologically with the zodiac sign of Leo. Leo’s confidence, ambition, and enthusiasm are a great match for citrine’s energy. Wear or carry some citrine to align yourself with these qualities, or to attract its vibrant energy into your life.Judy Hall (The Crystal Bible) describes citrine as a cleansing, energizing, and regenerative stone, embodying the warmth and nurturing power of the Sun. It is also often referred to as the “Success Stone,” probably due to the harmonious qualities of joy, confidence, generosity, and abundance it evokes. It’s also said that citrine absorbs and transmutes negative energy, making it a beautiful and effective defense against stress and the turmoils of day to day challenges. As an emotional enhancer, citrine is said to help release sadness and fear, quell anger and self-doubt, and help cultivate positivity and hope.

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No matter what your sun sign or astrological inclinations are, we have some beautiful loose citrines in stock, and would love to make something special just for you! 


August 24, 2016 — Holly DeFount