Aidonaia Necklace

$220.00 $300.00

Hekate Aidonaia

Queen of the Underworld! This teardrop shaped palm root with a roiling flame curling up into the night sky is accented with a faceted smoky quartz and silver scrollwork and granules. The pendant features a cutout window showing off the back of the stone, measures about 3" long and hangs from a 3mm/20" sterling silver rolo chain with hand forged S-hook clasp. 

Her Sacred Fires

Each piece is a one of a kind talismanic creation, set with fossilized Indonesian palm root agates & various accent stones for protection and strength such as smoky quartz, tourmalinated quartz, garnet and fire citrine. Over millions of years of intense pressure, the ancient tangled roots of the Indonesian palm are transformed into these mesmerizing chthonic gemstones and are considered to be a member of the chalcedony family, known for their flame-like inclusions against a midnight sky.

Every piece was lovingly hand fabricated in Argentium, a premier tarnish-resistant form of sterling silver and given an antique patina to bring out the contrast of the gemstones.