Chrome Diopside Flame & Fang Necklace

$198.00 $225.00

Hand fabricated in solid Argentium, a premier, tarnish resistant form of sterling silver, this necklace design is our expression of the One Power, the emblem of the Wheel of Time. Set with a stunning faceted Chrome Diopside, the necklace hangs at about 18" long.

About Chrome Diopside

Like many other beautiful green-hued crystals, Chrome Diopside aligns with the heart chakra. It is thought to be a stone of creativity, vision, and enhanced awareness, and also thought to be able to improve intellect and increase the desire to learn. As a heart stone, chrome diopside can help dissolve stubbornness and hostility, in turn encouraging love and commitment. Unlike other popular green gemstones, Chrome Diopside is a somewhat delicate stone, much softer than Tourmaline or emerald. It should be treated gently, and removed before engaging in heavy sports or vigorous activity.