Custom Order Deposit


All custom jewelry projects necessitate a $500 minimum charge; a deposit of $500 (or 50% of the total estimate) is required to begin work on the project. Deposit is non-refundable once contract is signed.

If you have not received your contract yet or do not know the full estimated cost of your project, the deposit to begin work on your design is $500 and once the design is chosen you may need to submit an additional deposit for materials.

*     *     *

Commissioning an engagement or wedding ring that will last a lifetime is a momentous occasion! We take our responsibility as your designers and jewelers in earnest, and look forward to serving you in the most professional manner possible.  

The first step in our collaboration will be scheduling a consultation via phone, Facetime, or in person to discuss what you are looking for in your custom jewelry. Once we have an idea of what your project will encompass, we ask you to agree to our terms of service in our Custom Design Contract. A deposit of $500 (or half the expected cost of the project) is due to begin work.* This covers our time, research, and design services.

We will then present three design sketches to you for feedback and/or approval. You choose which of the sketches to proceed with and let us know any changes you’d like to see, and we will incorporate these revisions into your final design. Further changes to design or direction after the first round of revisions may require an additional fee.

*A supplementary deposit may be required to cover material expenses for the project. A minimum $500 of total deposit is non-refundable once Custom Design Contract is signed by both parties. 

Once the final design sketch is approved, we determine a timeline for production and finishing, purchase the raw materials and begin fabrication of your piece.

Balance will be due upon completion and delivery of your custom jewelry.

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on custom jewelry.