Cimaruta Pendant


Stregas, Dianic Devotées and Folk Magick Lovers

The cimaruta is an ancient apotropaic amulet common to the Italian folk magic tradition, used to defend against the evil eye, or malocchio. Our original design is modeled after the earlier forms of the cimaruta: an intricate composition of protective symbols attached to a flowering stem of the herb rue, including a vervain blossom, dagger, crescent moon, snake, mano figa, heart and key. Each of these icons carry a protective quality, as well as having strong associations with the goddesses Diana and Hecate. The pendant is cast in silver, the traditional metal of the Moon, sacred to the Goddess. 

Some vintage cimarutas might include other icons such as a rooster, fish or frog. Later cimarutas were adapted to include specifically Christian symbols such as the flaming heart, cross, and dove. For detailed information on the cimaruta, its history and folklore, we recommend The Cimaruta: And Other Magical Charms from Old Italy by Raven Grimassi.

The pendant measures about 2" long and comes with an 18" chain. The cimarutas are cast* in sterling silver are lovingly hand finished and blessed by Devanna, our resident priestess/jeweler before they go out to their new homes.


* We employ a woman-owned and operated studio in San Francisco to cast our original carved designs in small batches.